Nutcracker is just around the corner and we are ready to start our sign up for participation.  Participation this year is open to ALL academy students, any age, any style of dance.  We are doing Nutcracker Remix which is going to have many traditional and untraditional styles of music and dance.  Every class will have a short piece of choreography to learn.  Every class will have a photo shoot with Rosee Photography.  The photographs will go into a book that you will get to keep.  We are not going to be performing in a theatre this year.  We are going to “blackbox” out the large studio and perform at Park Hill Dance for small, socially distanced audience.  Dancers will be on one side of the view glass, audience will be on the other.  These showings will happen during or close to normal dance class times and only one class will perform at a time.  There will also be a virtual viewing option.   I can answer any questions about this at the Nutcracker Information Meeting!!

Participation Fee:  $65.  This includes the cost of one nutcracker book.  You will be able to order more than one if you want.  Last Day to sign up 10/31!!

All rehearsals this year will take place in class.  We typically use the last 10-15 minutes of class time to work on choreography.  Even if a dancer is not participating in the performance, they will still learn the choreography.  Learning choreography at any age is a valuable skill set for dancers.  It is one of the main reasons we dance!!

Here is our time line:

October 11 12:00-1:00 – Virtual Meeting Question and answer session. Zoom code 8242480207. Tune into this zoom meeting to hear more information and to ask me any questions you may have

November 16-21 – photoshoot during classes

December 1 – Orders due for books (you automatically get one, any additional book orders would be needed by this date)

December 4 – LAST DAY TO ORDER if want before christmas 

December 10-19 Nutcracker performance showing at Park Hill Dance Academy