Hi Everyone as we get ready to go fully on-line, here is what you need to know.  We will be teaching zoom classes all day, everyday.  Some teachers will teach from their homes and some will continue to teach in the studio.  Our studio calendar will reflect the zoom classes that are happening each day.  We will take attendance.  Some classes will be slightly shorter with this model, but are are welcome to take more than one class a week.  We will have some new classes too to keep things exciting.  We cannot wait to see all your smiling faces  again!

  1. Download the ZOOM app on phone, tablet, or computer (https://zoom.us)
  2. Please email [email protected] for our studio code.
  3. Clear a space
  4. remove distractions as much as possible
  5. maybe invite a sibling or parent to join you.  movement is good for everyone!!
  6. dance